Why a MESH backed desk chair?

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

I’ve seen that doubtful look before.  I get it when I show a client a meshed backed desk chair.  It usually is followed by…

“Does this mesh back offer support”?

In 1994 Herman Miller, prominent manufacturer of office furniture rolled out an extra terrestrial looking chair called the Aeron chair.  It used light weight plastic in innovative ways to provide ergonomic support.  This unique styling of a mesh backed desk chair appealed to Silicon Valley and all the dot.coms flourishing at the time.  The Aeron chair could be seen on TV behind news anchor desks, sitcoms…everywhere!  Aeron history blurbIts popularity continues today although a little pricey for some.

Since then virtually all desk chair manufacturers have come out with their version.  Some work…some do not.  Prices run the gamut.  One of my favorites is the Focus High Back chair by Sitonit.  I like it because it offers great features but does not break the bank.

Focus by Sitonit

Focus by Sitonit


Here’s what a mesh back can offer…

1.  Great ergonomic support.  It all has to due with pliable material being able to mold to a persons contours and yet remain supportive

2.  No more hot sweaty backs due to leather which does not breathe

3.   Lighter weight than upholstered chairs.  This is really appreciated if you are rolling from one surface to another.

So back to original question…

“Does this mesh back offer support”?

The answer is unequivocally “YES…and actually it offers much more” ( And after trying the chairs out my clients usually agree.)  Oh and contact us for more information if you are interested in the  Focus Sitonit task chair.

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