Clients Say

Langton Designs was formerly known as Langton Home Offices

Our new office space gets a “Wow” by all thanks to Langton Home Offices. My employees really enjoy their new workstations which are crisp, clean and efficient.  The work space arrangement is warm and inviting with a professional appearance. It was a pleasure working with Anne Langton who has an understanding way of presenting design ideas and concepts.  I am impressed with the end result as are my customers who have come into the office space since completion.  I offer the highest recommendation!

F. Jay Barrows, President and Owner of Barrows Insurance Agency Inc.

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…designing the look and feel of our new facilities was a real challenge.  Anne Langton of Langton Designs very quickly lead us through a decision-making process that resulted in both a reception area and a facility that is both functional and a reflection of who we are.  Thank you, Anne!

Tom Ramundo, President, New England Controls

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Anne Langton recently helped me clear out and organize my home office.  It was a pleasure to work with Anne and she came well-prepared with boxes and temporary folders for sorting through my office chaos.  Now that order has been established and better systems have been put in place, my home office is a more productive environment and a nicer place to work.  I highly recommend Anne’s organizing services.

Amy-Sue Hasselbaum, Owner Hasselbaum Bookeeping LLC

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Since, I am a graphic and web designer there are times that I am sitting working on my computer for hours. This caused me to develop a consistent pain in my shoulder and neck area. Anne told me about the Focus Work chair and demonstrated how to position it for my body. She then offered me to test it out in my office. After having the chair for a week I realized how much of a difference this chair help me sit properly and comfortably. The pain that I had developed has gone away and I am always comfortably sitting at my desk. Thank you Anne for recommending this chair. What a difference it makes!

Dionne Katinas, The Marketing Studio

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I would highly recommend using Langton Home Offices. Anne Langton is a pleasure to work with. With Anne’s thoughtful planning and professional skills, the office work space looks and feels more clean and organized. Her suggestion of the placement of the computer and scanner helped the work flow. She did a fabulous job organizing our offices.

Susan & Charlie Russo, Little Green Phone Books

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“I’m thrilled to be able to recommend Anne Langton, honestly, in any professional endeavor she is involved in. She is a smart, funny, compassionate,creative, detailed oriented design professional (and person!) who brings a thoughtful approach to every project. Her eye for design and space planning, her love of organizing, and her easy way with clients make her a consummate business woman”.

Anne Furey, Interior Designer and Owner at Placelift – Anne Furey Interiors

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“After working with Anne Langton, our office space has been creatively updated to the delight and satisfaction of our 100+ employee location. Anne brings to the table a vast experience in office design and the ability to implement creative solutions as an interior designer and project manager. Her design expertise proved invaluable as our working space included new finishes and furniture. Anne was sensitive to our objectives and worked methodically in an organized manner so that we were able to reach our goals.”

Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Tyler Case, SPHR, Senior Human Resources Generalist at McKinsey & Company

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“I recently enlisted the services of Langton Home Offices to assist me with my home office needs. From the first meeting, Anne took the time to learn how I work and about my priorities. I was impressed that she tailored my organization plan to fit how I operate (even if it’s a little out of ordinary). The communication was great and even after our first appointment; I felt a huge sense of relief. Now that we have completed my total home office makeover, I feel less stressed and more confident about my work day. My productivity has increased, and I find myself actually working less hours with increased productivity! Highly recommend!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Kristin Chambers, Owner Destination Affairs

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“I have worked with Anne Langton for over 8 years now. Her attention to detail, follow up, and her endless work on behalf of her clients can be directly tied to her success as an interior designer. For as long we have worked together, she has been loyal and fair, and this has always led to projects that are well run and completed to the client’s satisfaction. I would strongly recommend her to any company who is focused in strengthening their design and/or project management groups.”

Erik Booth, Senior Account Executive, Creative Office Pavilion, Boston MA

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My husband and I both work remotely, our home office and overflow space was unorganized and we needed more space! Anne Langton of Langton Home Offices worked with us to sort, purge and organize.  I felt Anne used her unique talent in design and space planning to help me organize my space and worked with me to develop new organizing systems for my home and home office.  Very professional and knowledgeable! She researched in advance the restrictions for our town with regards to disposal of paints and various items we needed to finally get rid of!  Thank you!  Langton Home Offices.

D.Q., Wrentham MA

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“Anne has helped me tremendously with getting my office in shape. I work alone and I’m often guilty of not putting things back where they belong. Her suggestions were welcomed, appreciated and USED. Thank you Anne!!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

D.E.,   Foxboro,MA

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“Running two businesses out of my house is very time-consuming and my inability to organize had often left me exasperated. My office was always a disaster that I didn’t enjoy working in. Every time I tried organizing it myself it would only stay that way for a week at most. I was tired of working in a cluttered environment and always losing things. At that point I asked Anne to visit my house and help me out. Anne helped me go through everything and get it organized very neatly in such a way that each item is easily accessible. Now, several months later my office is still just as neat as when we finished because of the better systems I have in place for handling what comes into and out of my office. I am also much more productive, since I not only can find everything but can relax and focus my efforts on growing my business rather than digging out from under it.

Additionally I was able to apply what I learned from my office project with Anne to the rest of my house and am now much more organized in general. The time that she spent with me was extremely valuable and I wholeheartedly recommend Anne without hesitation.”

 A.B.,  Brookfield, MA