Trends for Home Offices in 2012

Published on: Author: Anne Langton


Gone are the days of yore when a home office space included one 30 x 60 desk and metal file cabinets.  With so many people working out of homes today there is a current trend to have the office space meld into home life.  Like the fine integrated Subzero refrigerator that is seamlessly hidden behind cabinetry so to is the working elements of an office.  That attractive chest of drawers in the living room?…might be a custom designed file cabinet.  Those drawers in the kitchen island?…could contain files.  Home office workers are demanding that their work spaces be extensions of a liveable home and not an odd appendage that does not lends itself to an attactive environment


“Pocket Offices” are created by using leftover space.  Perhaps its an odd corner off the living room or maybe it space under the stairs or even a larger closet.  Home owners are unwilling to give up valuable real estate such as a bedroom.  With generational retention occuring in many homes, those bedrooms are needed!  Fortunately technology has allowed for shrinking square footage requirements for workable home offices.  Even furniture manufacturers are jumping on the band wagon by scaling down office furniture.


For the home office worker that is logging in many daily hours, the task chair is a critical element that could prevent continuing physical ailments.  In the past, purchasing a task chair for most was driving to the local office supply store.  While this is an option for short term sitting, long term sitting is another issue.  Yes it is true that quality task chair cost more than $200. but then I would argue that back, shoulder and neck health is well worth the expense.  Herman Miller’s Aeron chair has long been the industry standard for task seating and now it is readily available online.  Even stores such as Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn are getting in on the act by carrying quality office furniture by vetted manufacturers such Haworth and Steelcase.