Top 4 functions of a Great Reception Area

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

For many businesses, the reception area is an afterthought.  That is after…the employees and executives have been assigned their work space…after the lunch room has been suitably stocked with snacks…and after the meeting rooms have been equipped with state of the art communication tools.

We all know what is said about “first impressions”.  For a reception area to impress and function well,  there are many key design elements that need to by in sync. Here are just the top 4 interior design considerations.  If properly executed, a well designed “welcome” space will reap long lasting benefits for a company.

reception cropped2


Enter the reception desk.  Make a bold statement!  It will be the MOST VIEWED piece of furniture in your office space!  Furthermore, It must be a functional work station for its occupant. Does this desk meet the needs for  work surface space, storage and filing capacity?  Is the desk ADA compliant?


This is an obvious one…seating for the guests…but also another opportunity to make an aesthetic statement.  And let’s not forget about durability, code compliance, and places for those coffee cups!


Artwork, plants, sculpture…reveal the human side of a business!


Probably the most important “must have” of all.  What a fantastic opportunity to market your company brand to a captured audience!  How is your logo featured?  Is it properly lighted?  Are awards displayed attractively or just nailed up on a wall?

A well designed reception area is a benefit for any business.  It lets your customers know you better!

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