The Beehive is Tops in Work Productivity

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

The goal of any work place is quite simply productivity.  Us humans have many strategies ranging from office design to organizational systems to achieve this but honestly the honey bee has us beat hands down.  When it comes to a smoothly work environment, the Beehive is tops in productivity


Here’s why…

• Each hexagonal cell of a hive has a FUNCTION and it SUPPORTS its users
• Bees KNOW when they cannot achieve top productivity. They will not work if the temperature is below 57* or above 100*. You GO bees!
• The colony of bees is collaborative in nature. Consisting of a Queen, Drones and Workers they work very interdependently. For more information on this effective workforce and how it relates to business read A Beekeeper’s Perspective on Risk by Michael O’Malley
• Each bee has the proper tools to complete their task well.
• Profitable and productive?…amazingly so!. One hive can produce 50 to 200 pounds of honey per year YET consider this…it takes 150 trips to a flower to produce just 1 teaspoon of honey! Talk about teamwork!

So bees are just incredibly productive creatures. They just seem to get it right and their hive supports this efficiency. Ultimately isn’t that what we all want in our working environments?