Planning the Home Office from Scratch…New Construction Design

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

If you are one of those lucky people that get to plan their home office or working space PRIOR to the first stud even going up…congratulations!…you have a wonderful opportunity!  However this good fortune also comes with some important warnings to heed.  Early planning is an absolute must in order to assure that your newly constructed space will be the working space of your dreams!

The time to sit down and layout furniture is NOT when the sheetrock is complete and you are looking to “fill” the space.  The time to take pencil to paper is well before the contractor even shows up to give you an estimate.  There is no such thing as planning the finished space too soon in the process.  Here are just a few examples to illustrate why early planning will yield the well designed and efficient working space of your dreams.

5 Things to Plug into 2 Outlets!

This is a common mistake I see it all the time.  It certainly is fixable; after all adding more outlets is done all the time.  But the cost savings of installing the outlets when the walls are open and electrician is on the job anyway is substantial.  So space plan ahead of time…locate not only furniture but also equipment that will require and electrical, data and phone support…and don’t forget about those table lamps also!

But the Light Switch is Behind the Bookcase!

Okay no explanation needed here but consider how frustrating it is if this is the only wall where a bookcase would fit.  Again it’s fixable but why pay the extra money required when a little bit of foresight and adjustment works wonders.

That Darn Door!

It’s hard to believe but as a design professional I know that nothing determines the efficient layout of a space more than the location of the door.  Sometimes there is no choice but more times than not the door location will determine the traffic flow and how well adjacent furniture and equipment fit.  Even the direction of the door swing can have bearing on how the entire space works.

Make Room for Window Treatments!

At the time of constructing a brand new home office, it seems a little premature to be thinking about the window treatments correct?  Not if you have your heart set on side panel draperies.  Most people are surprised by the space stacked draperies require.  For example lets say your newly constructed custom bookcases were designed to butt right up against  the window casing (as many are)…well, say bye bye to those side panel window treatments!