Organizing with Excel Spreadsheets

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

I have a confession to make…I love organizing with Excel!  To some this sounds odd but think about it…it’s just another way of organizing.  In other words… I am sorting, purging and systematizing data.  Instead of sorting files, shoes or photos…I am sorting information.  For those of you who are not familiar with Excel spreadsheets, in a nutshell, it is a spreadsheet software program that enables the user to input information and then lets the computer perform the arduous tasks of manipulating the data, either mathematically or physically.  Okay let’s get back to the fun stuff…

Oh sure, there is always a use for Excel in the work environment but what about at home?  What are ways that we can use Excel to make our home life just plain easier!  Take a look at the following ways that I have used Excel to simplify tasks…


Ever forget where items are in different stores?…(especially after a remodel!) Lists are broken down by aisle contents and regularly items purchased items are highlighted for easy check off.  Save tons of time and frustration. My local grocery stores are Stop & Shop and Shaws.


My interior design background is to blame for this one.  Every client receives a chart (or Paint Schedule) with paint colors, manufacturer, finish and locations.  Seems logical but most of us generally do not keep this information for the paint colors in our homes.  Instead we rely on being able to discern the color of the paint through the badly rusted paint can or hardened drips on the side.  Let’s face it…this is risky at best!  No more guessing and a Paint Schedule is much more accurate.


First select what day of the week you prefer to pay bills. Coordinating it with your “Pay Day” makes sense.  For this example let’s say we intend to pay bills on every other Friday.  By using Excel I chart out the actual dates.  I keep the chart of pre-determined dates with the “Bills to Pay” file…no more missed payments!

There are endless uses for Excel.  Let me know what you have done by contacting me at


 An Organized Lifestyle is NOT about Perfection…It’s About Living a Manageable Life