Organizing Tip #1 for 2013; Organize time by using your planner

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

We all have them in various forms…electronic…day planners…wall hanging displaying lovely covered bridges…but how well do you organize time using your calendar or planner?  I have a favorite saying when organizing…


a “TO DO” without a “WHEN” never gets done. 


So if you are really intent on getting that home office organized in 2013 start by scheduling it on the calendar.  It does not have to be a long time…just SOME time.  Calendars and planners are not just for appointments.  Use them to schedule items on your “TO DO” list.  You are far more likely to accomplish these tasks when the tasks are plugged in with time allocated for them.


…and quite honestly not one calendar or planner is right for everyone.  Many people find that the action of writing something down helps them remember an appointment.  Others like the compactness and multi-level coordination that electronic calendars allow.  Try both types and ask what others are using as well.  Never try to use more than one system.  It might start off working well but eventually the system falls apart.  All of your data should be in one location.  To be really effective a planner/calendar should have…

  1. Enough space for Daily Appointments
  2. A place for “TO-DO’s (and even better if the TO-DO’s can be scheduled)
  3. Place for miscellaneous notes

There are tons of choices out there for planners and many are quite honestly an investment.  Don’t plunge full force into a system without doing some research first.

I have had good experience using the following products.  It is important to look into the details of each planner system.  All are just slightly different.

Professional organizer, Julie Morgenstern designed the Circa Balanced Life Planner sold through Levenger.  I like the ability to add components to meet individual needs.  For example, adding blank lined paper right into your planner so that meeting notes are captured all in one place.  This planner system contains many useful tools to schedule appointments and action items but only 3 months at a time.

Planner Pad is another good planner system.  It uses a “funnel” system so that action items are scheduled on specific days. The funnel system is an effective way to track action items.  I like this feature very much although would like to see more lined sheets for meeting minutes.

Go online to see how others reviewed a particular product.  Selecting the right planner is a very personal choice.  At meetings and networking events ask what others use…its a great way to start a conversation and get some useful information at the same time.  If possible start out with a basic system.  After using it for a while you will be able to better determine your preferences.  Once you find the right planner, you will be amazed at how much easier your work life can become.

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