Organizing Business Cards

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

Anyone in business knows how quickly that ever important business card collection can soon get out of control.  The manner is which you organize them is totally dependant on the type of system your are at ease utilizing.  The main thing is to create SOME SYSTEM when organizing business cards before things get out of control.   Let’s break it down options into 3 main categories…


If you are not comfortable with technology OR if you don’t have a lot of cards to file this could be the option for you.  This is perfect for the homeowner to create a “HOUSEHOLD MAINTENANCE” binder to assist them in keeping track of the electrician’s, plumber’s or other trades pertinent to household upkeep. Elderly folks could benefit by creating a binder or notebook titled “HEALTHCARE CONTACTS” that just contains cards relating to their health care specialists.  It is simple and easy to use.


Available at office supply stores.  These units cost $200. plus or minus.  They allow you to scan your cards and store data in an electronic file.  Word of caution…check the results before discarding the card…sometime there are errors in the character recognition. Some popular scanners are


Downloading these apps onto your Smart Phone allow you to snap a photo of the business card and file it electronically onto your computer or phone.   There are many out there but ones that I have had positive feed back are.  Some are free some are not.

  • Remember the Milk
  • Evernote
  • Card Munch  This is a great app because it coordinates with your LinkedIn account and allows you to invite someone to connect with LinkedIn at the same time when recording their business contact info


  • Don’t think you need to keep EVERY Business Card!  Think it through…if you really do not see a connection…don’t even bother saving it.  Be realistic!
  • After every event OR if you were connected through someone…JOT IT DOWN ON THE BACK OF THE CARD and INCLUDE THAT INFO IN YOUR ELECTRONIC FILE BASE.  You’d be surprised how much you will forget 1 year from now!
  • Going to a conference or trade show?  Be prepared to receive LARGE AMOUNTS of cards!  You might want to even bring along CLEAR ZIP LOCK BAGS to store cards temporarily by event or day of conference.  Once you get home then it is much easier to organize them into your system! 

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