Organizing A New Business

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

We all can agree that making good impressions and portraying a professional image are critical factors in the business world today.  Correctly organizing a new business is a great first step.   There are many ways that we can send the message “I am successful” such as…

  • How you dress
  • Car you drive
  • Business cards and other promotional material               
  • Website design
  • The look of your office space (is it organized?)                                                 

Start up business owners have to decide how and where to spend their money in creating a work place.  This question is examined by Christopher Hann in this article from Entrepreneur Magazine “The Importance of Office Aesthetics”   

Hann interviews Mark Montgomery, founder of FLO thinkery (business strategists for C suites, investors and start ups).  Montgomery states the following as important considerations for the start up entrepreneur and new office set up.

  •  Use common sense.  Too much capital put into an unknown business is simply not wise.  However recognize you should not be sitting on boxes to work as well
  • The “chronically disorganized” space is a deal breaker when creating effective work spaces
  • Work spaces should be a “welcome-Go To” space.  When spending 8 to 10 hours per day…should it be anything else?
  • An office space offers the opportunity for the company culture to be expressed
  • Office space should serve the company’s needs and well as its personality

There are so many decisions to be made when beginning a new business.  Don’t underestimate the importance of creating an organized office space.  It has psychological and physical impact.  Do you know how to set up your files?  How about your bill paying system? How will you handle the ton of paper headed your way?  An investment early on creates a solid foundation from which to build.  Don’t let “stuff” get in the way of a successful venture!

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