Organize Projects with LESS STUFF

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

I have a friend that every spring has visions of a well manicured lawn. He pridefully imagines his beautiful lawn…free of weeds and grubs.  He imagines a vast flowing sea of green grasses that is truly the envy of all that pass by.  So he does what any good landscaping dreamer does…each Spring he buys 27 bags of grass seed, 38 bags of grub killer and 56 bags of fertilizer.  And six months later, there they sit…in his garage propping up the storm windows. The best of intentions need an organized task plan to achieve goals.  With projects, be it lawn care or organizing a home or business office, a planned stepped approach is always best.  Don’t put the proverbial horse before the cart… to organize projects start with less stuff!

Similar to my landscaping friend, I have clients that dream of an organized office.  Ultimately it is a space that will clear their clutter and therefore clear their brain.  With good intentions, they buy organizing gizmos that hang, stack and  swivel.  Problem is, simply buying these containers will not solve the lack of office organization.  Rarely is a disorganized work space about having the wrong storage containers.  More likely it is about NOT having a system so that productivity and paper flow with the least amount of effort, memory and space.

So in the end DREAM on about that perfect lawn or that wonderful office space!  DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR PROJECT DREAMS…but rather

  • Be CLEAR to yourself what you desire for an END RESULT

  • PLAN the STEPS to reach your GOAL


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