Office Colors that Work

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

No matter how complicated an office design may be, the color scheme gets everyone’s attention…and opinion.  Selecting office colors that work can be challenging.  That’s because color is a funny thing…it is metamorphic, relative and personal.


Yep…it changes like the weather!  Literally.  More accurately it is our “perception” of color that changes.  For example on a cloudy day, distinct blue undertones of a gray office color will become more apparent.  On a sunny day, that same office color will appear a distinct gray.  Different types of artificial lighting and even the position of the sun can have impact on color perception.


You betcha!  Colors are informed by their surroundings.  Need proof?  Take a look at the image below and determine which gray section is lighter in color.  Now cover the area where they intersect with your finger.



Yesiree!  Color psychology suggests that people like certain colors based on past experiences.  Preferences and dislikes are continually reinforced.


Herman Miller Inc, renowned office furniture manufacturer, says, “research shows color has the inherent ability to invoke an assortment of moods and even affect the productivity and creativity of workers. Here are a few common colors that can bring out the best (or worst) in you or your employees.


Red: With associations of passion and excitement, red can raise the energy level of a room. It stimulates the senses and works great in spaces where focus and attention needs to be at their highest.

Blue: Calming, relaxing, and serene. A blue room can ease the mind and open it up to new ideas. In the workplace, this can translate to increased creativity and better brainstorming.

Green: For a color that’s kind on the eyes, go green. It evokes a sense of cheer and comfort. It’s even believed to help people relax—not surprising, given that it’s the prevalent color in nature. If you want to lessen stress, green might be the way to go.

Yellow: Yellow is associated with positivity. It’s high-spirited, cheerful, and filled with hope. But be careful not to use it in excess. Studies show that people are more likely to lose their temper in yellow rooms.”

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