Label when Organizing

Published on: Author: Anne Langton


If you have worked with a professional organizer before then you know how much we LOVE our label makers.  Yes, they are fun to use and yes, they do serve a very functional purpose.  For example…try NOT labeling all those cords plugged in near your computer and see how much fun it is to discern which plug belongs to the printer!  You won’t be cheery at the end of that task I guarantee it.  Labels however serve another wonderful use.  They give us the opportunity to use WORDS and WORDS have tremendous power.

Imagine for a moment that you renamed the space which you currently claim as your “home office”   “work room” or even “study”.  Now think of another name that invokes much more positive feelings.  Perhaps it could be your “creative space“, “quiet place” or even “accomplishment area“!  In which space would you prefer to spend time?

Especially when it comes to organizing, labels also have another powerful role.  They allow us to lay that final claim of control and achievement in the organizing process.  Like raising the flag on a mountain of combat, it says…

  • “I have accomplished this task”

  • “I am announcing to everyone what this is

  • “I own this area”

So at the end of your organizing process, you may be tempted to forgo the final step of labeling thinking its just plain silly.  My recommendation is DON’T…you owe it to yourself to write that final signature and experience the sense of accomplishment that goes along with it!