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Steel desk, off white walls and fluorescent lighting may describe many offices but is this really what you want in your home?  A home office should function to maximize productivity BUT still be sensitive to the aesthetics of the residents

  • Often a home office is leftover space…an afterthought.  A room that functioned well as a bedroom may not work well as a home office. There are storage, ergonomic and acoustic needs to consider in this type of work environment
  • Unusually shaped spaces or limited areas may not work with standard office furniture.  Customized furniture can be designed to maximize every bit of space
  • Disorganization can be eliminated by properly assessing your storage and filing needs
  • Money is saved when elements such as lighting, power sources, and storage are considered early in the design process rather than later
  • Well thought out space planning in advance is the seed from which all good designs sprout
  • Knowledge of ergonomics and recommendations of quality seating will improve productivity and reduce work related injuries.

Langton Designs creates work spaces that work well and feel right