How Working Parents Survive Halloween

Published on: Author: Anne Langton


halloweenThe first Halloween I re-joined the work force after having my children I had an enlightening experience.  I worked in an office where I was the only working Mom.  I knew that I would have a slightly different view on this venerable haunting holiday but it couldn’t be THAT different…RIGHT?  After all my work colleagues surely donned a pirates’ costume or princess tiara when they were little buckaroos…RIGHT?  Surely they remembered the exhilaration of dumping out the sugary loot to take stock after a chilly night of candy begging…RIGHT?  Well, NO…they were clueless! 

So in the spirit of giving back I would like to educate employers and co-workers around the world (okay maybe just Massachusetts) on how just a little understanding on this most stressful of parenting days will go a long way

So Employers and Co-workers please know that on October 31st…


  1. I may be a little cranky.  I have only 5 Halloweens, (6 tops) to impress my kids with my creativity.  After that I don’t know a thing for about 7 years.  The pressure is on so YES I was up until 2:30 am gluing black dots on white long underwear so that my child could somewhat resemble a Dalmatian.  I could have gone to bed earlier but when I got to the mask I was having difficulty with the air holes.  Breathing is a benefit for a functioning Dalmatian.


  1. I recognize the importance of presenting a professional image in the clothes that I wear and have been successful in that endeavor to date.  Today however, you might see me wearing flashing pumpkin earrings (gift from my children) and even don the not so flattering color combination of black and orange.  Forgive me…my judgment today may not be at its peak…I was up until 2:30.


  1. I will be taking time for lunch today.  I need sustenance.  Tonight’s supper is only peanut butter sandwiches and tomato soup.  Scratch that…it will be just peanut butter sandwiches. Spilled tomato soup on a Dalmatian goes for a whole different look and we are not going for the mortally wounded canine look…this year.


  1. Although I normally do whatever it takes to meet deadlines, today I must end the work day on time.  I cannot nor should I replicate the speed of light in getting home.  It would be incredibly unsafe and ill advised.  Plus if I get home late, my planned menu of peanut butter sandwiches is now reduced to…bread.


  1. Please go easy on me Nov 1st.  Like a marathon runner I need to recoup my energy PLUS mentally I am exhausted.  It is not even possible to accurately depict the frightening transformation that a cute loving Dalmatian undergoes after consuming 2 pounds of candy.


So go forth you Bewitching Working Warriors…you have a lot on your plate these days, especially on October 31st.  But trust me, 20 years later your little Dalmatian will look back with gratitude and appreciation!

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