Good Office Lighting

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

I have to admit…with the extinction of the 100 watt light bulb in 2012 and the eventual demise of all incandescent light bulbs…that’s right… (see here for details on the “light bulb law” as told by Popular Mechanics) I have considered for just a tiny moment…hoarding truckloads of 60 watt light bulbs for personal use.  I like my incandescent bulbs…I like the warmth and clear color rendition they display.  Quite simply they are easy on the eyes.  Don’t get me wrong…I totally believe in preserving the planet’s resources and I myself recycle, reuse and re-purpose BUT in the past, office environments did not exactly show their best selves when drenched in cascades of fluorescent light.  Creating good office lighting can be challenging.  Fluorescent lighting is used mostly in offices because it is cheap energy but it is also very hard on the eyes.  Selecting colors for these spaces is challenging…certain blues and greens can appear to vibrate, colors with some gray in them may go flat and warm colors can get totally washed out.  And then of course there is the eye fatigue that can result from fluorescent lighting.

In recent years, another type of lighting surfaced that was ecologically sound and that was the LED bulb.  It was incredibly efficient. but the light quality was not that great.  The lighting was harsh and very white.  That was until NOW!  I’ve heard and read that LED’s have made vast improvements recently with light quality but today I witnessed it for myself in a renovated office space.   These new improved LED bulbs passed the color rendition test with flying colors (no pun intended)…so now would come the ultimate test…MY HOME OFFICE!  In full disclosure I have been called somewhat of a fuss-budget when it comes to such stuff.

So off I went to Home Depot and purchased an LED bulb that was replaces a 60 watt incandescent bulb.  It is manufactured by CREE, costs $12.97 and yet it uses only 9.5 watts of energy.  It has a 10 year warranty AND it can be dimmed!  Yes the price is high but I’d pay that if it lasts 10 years wouldn’t you? I am happy to say the LED bulb passed the “how does it LOOK and LIGHT”  in MY home office.  If I did not know better I would think there is a good old incandescent light bulb in my desk lamp at this very moment!  Turns out I may not have to hoard those incandescent bulbs after all.

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