FAQ about Design Services

Are you licensed as an interior designer?

Currently there is no licensing in the state of MA for interior design.  In anticipation of future licensing, the NCIDQ (National Certification for Interior Design Qualification) was established.  This intensive 2 day exam tests all areas of interior design.  Anne Langton was NCIDQ certified in 1983.

How do you charge?

Each project is different.  There are two ways we charge for design services

  1. Based on an outlined “Scope of Services”, a fee proposal is presented for approval which includes a range of fees.  This is done prior to any services performed.  If services are requested that are not within the “Scope of Services”, an hourly fee is charged.
  2. Project is completely hourly based

What if I only want interior design services not organizing services?

We offer both services independently or combined.  Our goal is to assist you in meeting the goals of your “working space”

When starting an office renovation, when should I hire an interior designer?

The earlier the better!  Utilizing a designer early in the process avoids costly mistakes down the road.  For example how do the power and data locations line up with the furniture placement?  Is the lighting plan appropriate for work area, display walls and conference areas?  Are walls located in the best location?  Will the direction of door swings create issues when furniture is added? When handled early in the process, these mistakes can be avoided resulting in a well designed space

I am thinking of leasing/purchasing an office space but not sure if it will suit my needs?

A quick study and space plan can answer this question saving money if it is not suitable and providing peace of mind if deciding to move forward.

Do you have access to resources that I would not find online?

YES!  After more than 25 years of experience in interior design, we have developed a vast list of vetted resources through out New England.


FAQ about Organizing Services

How does an organizer work with a client?

An organizer’s role is to assess what the problem is and to create and implement a plan working side by side with the client.

How long will it take to organize a room?

This can vary greatly but the speed of accomplishment is directly linked to your willingness and speed at which you are able to make decisions.  Remember it is critical that this organized system works for you!

Will you ask me to throw things out?

You are the one that will determine what you keep and what you discard.  We can also provide you with donation resources.

How much do you charge and how long are the sessions?

For organizing services, we offer a variety of packages to meet individual or business needs.   Sessions are typically 3 hours long.   Most clients prefer to schedule 1 session per week or 2 sessions per month.

What if I only want organizing and not design services?

We offer both services independently or combined.  Our goal is to assist you in meeting the goals of your “working space”

What is your cancellation policy with organizing clients?

If we receive confirmed notice 24 hours or more, we will gladly reschedule your session.  Appointments cancelled  less than 24 hours will be charged 50% of the session cost.  If cancellation occurs when we are enroute or have arrived for the session, you will be charged for the entire session.