Display Kids’ Artwork in the Office

Published on: Author: Anne Langton


Children LOVE to create ARTWORK but just as important…us parents just LOVE to display our little Picasso’s creations…especially in our offices!  And why not?!  When the work day hits a fever pitch, there is something so refreshing and calming about seeing our child’s self portrait depicted as a little purple faced, yellow haired character!  I have designed many offices for male and female executives and if they have small children, invariably they request a “special place” where they can display their children’s artwork.

Clipboard offers instant "framing"

Clipboard offers instant “framing”

No longer are kids’ artwork relegated to the refrigerator.  In fact by using some very simple methods, kids’ artwork displayed in the work space can become very intentional looking and no longer just taped randomly to the wall.  Their artwork can occupy a real place of importance and it doesn’t even have to be expensive or time consuming as shown in the photo using clip boards!  Imagine the conversation piece hanging with pride upon your office wall!


Yes kids have this wonderful way of creating art where ever they go.  One executive Mom that I worked with, even requested chalk paint on one of her walls. We used Ben Moore’s Studio Finishes Chalk Board Paint as an accent wall color.  This served a dual purpose…she was able to illustrate visual plans and ideas to her colleagues but also it was a special treat for her small son when he came to visit and create his masterpiece upon the office wall. 




So let’s embrace that artwork and enjoy it in the workplace… or wherever it might surprise and delight us…as was the case when my little neighbors Matthew and Lily recently adorned their garage door!  It may just remind us why we are in the workplace afterall!