De-clutter for a “Good Cause Yard Sale”

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

Us humans are a strange lot.  There is no other species on the planet that saves stuff like we do.  When thinking about De-cluttering, many of us get overwhelmed by the process.  The thought of parting with our stuff can cause great anxiety.  Simply…we like our stuff.  If only our homes and offices could easily expand to accommodate our stuff.  However what if there were other reasons to de-clutter besides saving time, energy and space.  What about helping others? What if we were able to de-clutter for a good cause yard sale?

We save stuff for lots of reasons….

…” it was my favorite….”

” it was Aunt Betty’s…”

…”it was Aunt Betty’s favorite”

“but I may need it someday”

…”but it’s still useful…”

As a professional organizer I hear lots of reasons and they can all be valid but if stuff is impacting your daily life and productivity then somehow someway the stuff needs to dwindle.

Recently when working with a client, I recognized that it was much easier for her to part with something if she knew it was going to benefit someone else.  She saw value in her stuff and it was just too hard to “throw it away”.  But when we talked about donating it to a cause that would benefit others, suddenly the value of her stuff was retained…it had purpose…it had meaning…it had dignity.

Yard sales that benefit non-profit organizations are a win/win for everyone involved.  Many times fundraising yard sales will take items that organized donation centers will not and finding them is easy peasy lemon squeezy…

Use the following websites to find yard sales in your area.  These sites promote both private and non profit yard sales and with minimum effort you will find a group in your area who is raising money for a good cause.  The ones that are veterans at it will give detailed information on where, when and how to donate.

Additionally try googling “yard sales in (your town) to benefit” or “yard sales for a cause in (your town)”

On the flip side, if you are a non-profit group raising money through yard sales, contact us at with details.  We will happily promote your event on our Facebook fan page at Langton Designs.

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