Choosing the Perfect Desk for Your Office

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

Twenty years ago, when it came to selecting a desk, our options were pretty limited.  If it were for the home it was wood furniture measuring 48″ x 24″.  If it were for the corporate executive, the desk measured 36″ x 72″ and corporate positions of lesser status had a desk that measured 30″ x 60″. Oh and lets not forget that you had a vast choice of woods from which to select…walnut or oak.

Fortunately office desk standards have changed and even more importantly the availability of style options is endless. It is now possible to select a desk that is not only functional but reflective of individual personalities.  This is welcomed news with the increasing prevalence of home offices in today’s work environment.  Business offices are moving away from the cookie cutter approach to desk design.  Materials can range from wood, to plastic, to metal and beyond.  In fact due to the reduction of available woods on the planet there is a push of alternate materials being used in today’s office furniture.  Size is now a matter of purpose rather than status. 

Some functional considerations when selecting the perfect desk…

  • adequate surface space
  • do you want electronic and electrical cords to be concealed?
  • filing requirements
  • supplemental storage requirements (i.e. pens, paper, stapler, clips etc)

Houzz recently published 11 Desk Designs that really work  It underlines how vast our choices are when it comes to selecting the perfect desk for our home or business office.  Still it is easy to get swept away by aesthetics and style.  As with any furniture selection…first make sure it does the trick functionally or if it does not are there supplemental pieces near by that can provide the necessary function.  After all a beautiful desk that cannot be used efficiently is in the end pretty darn useless!

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