A Standing Desk?

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

There is a new phenomenon taking place in the world of home and business offices.  It is called “Sit Stand” desks or simply put it is an adjustable height desk.  The research and popularity of these desks are indisputable.  Herman Miller, long time researching giant and provider of high end office furniture explains the valid reasons for using a “Sit Stand” desk otherwise known as a standing desk in their video Moving Right Along…Is Good For You 

According to research, the human body remains the healthiest when a combination of sitting and standing can be applied through out the work day.  The key is to do both.  One is just as prone to injury sitting all day as would be if one stood all day.  Standing while working is actually good for us.  It causes the spine to take on an S-shape which is good for the discs in our back as well as the muscles in our legs.  Movement is key, according to the Herman Miller Ergonomist (yes there is such a profession) and can be achieved by combining sitting and standing through out the day.

With the gaining popularity of these desks so to is the availability gaining.  One need simply to google “sit stand” desks to see the vast assortments.  Prices can begin at $400 and go into the stratosphere but the most important thing to remember is a simple mechanism is really the highest priority.