A Business Coach’s Expert Tips for Time Management

Published on: Author: Anne Langton


I recently had the opportunity to interview Certified Business Coach and Advisor ,Greg De Simone on the topic of Time Management.  Through FocalPoint Business Coaching, Greg helps struggling business owners and professionals find the right solution for their business. 

If there is one common denominator that can define success or failure in the business setting, it surely is how we utilize our time.  This is especially pertinent when organizing and setting up a home and business office.  Often clutter and stacks of paper are physical indicators of time management issues.

Following are Greg’s insightful and useful tips when it comes to Time Management in the business environment.

Q and A by Anne Langton + Greg DeSimone

A.L.    Greg, many people get confused by the term “Time Management”.  How would you define it?

G.D.   Time Management is not about “time” rather it’s about PRIORITY MANAGEMENT.  Brian Tracey refers to the “Law of Efficiency” which states there is never enough time to get everything done BUT there is time to get the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS DONE.  Begin by determining…

  • What’s on your list
  • What is the priority (and there are many ways I can help business owners determine this)
  • Focus on the required action 

A.L.   What are the BEST TIPS you would offer toestablish good Time Management skills?

G.D.   In the business setting, it is important to …

  1. ALWAYS ASK, “IS THIS THE MOST VALUEABLE TASK THAT I SHOULD BE DOING TO ACHIEVE MY GOALS?   Interruptions and feeling like we need to do it all can have a detrimental effect. As business owners, we have a lot to do and although some things are important such as bookkeeping, they can be outsourced or delegated to staff so that our time can be spent on the tasks that generate income. When interruptions or new action items surface, STOP and ASK the above question.
  2. KNOW YOUR HOURLY RATE and consider that the task at hand is work based on that hourly rate. This allows you to view more clearly the value of completing a current task.
  3. LEARN TO SAY “NO” and understand the “no” can mean “NOT NOW”.  It’s important to take control of your schedule by learning how to politely decline additional commitments.
  4. BLOW UP THE MYTH OF MULTI-TASKING.  It is simply not effective! (Greg performed an enlightening exercise with me at this point to prove his point)  Rather it is far more effective to set a priority and focus to complete that task before moving onto the next task.
  5. PLAN YOUR ACTION OR PRIORITY LIST THE NIGHT BEFORE.  This way you are ready to hit the ground running and have a clear picture as you start your work day.

A.L.   Has Time Management changed in recent years?

G.D.   No…what has changed is the amount of distractions we now have to endure.  We have our phones with us continually.  It’s a constant flow of interruptions but learning good time management skills can help.

For more information on how you and your business could benefit from Greg and his business coaching call FocalPoint at 508-618-4575 or email him at gdesimone@focalpointcoaching.com


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