7 Tips when Teleconferencing (or Skyping) from a Home Office

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

As business people we recognize the importance of presenting a professional image.  We create business cards and websites with that in mind.  We select wardrobes that present us in our best form.  Some of us might even select a car which screams “successful”…all in the name of presenting a professional business image!

 …But have you considered how your home office translates during a teleconferencing or a skyping session to a colleague or client?

That rectangle of space behind you may be saying things you prefer not be heard (or seen).  For example, having a range hood in the background is a sure indication that you are working at your kitchen island….and while this may be your only available space …do you really want to share the screen with a Thermador appliance at the moment?

I have been amazed at what I have seen on various skype sessions with other professionals.  Consider what image piles and piles of paper portray visually.  How about dirty dishes stacked off in the corner…what does this say about you and your business?  Remember your goal should be to create a professional impression of yourself while limiting visual distractions.

So here are my tips for creating or selecting a professional background for your next video conference or skyping session.

  1.  Wall colors of medium muted tones and neutral colors work best.  Too dark or too white create reflections and problematic lighting.  Saturated colors can cause visual distortions.
  2. Avoid vivid artwork or highly patterned window treatments and elements which will distract from the main event…you!
  3. Cover or move direct light sources including sunlight streaming through windows
  4. Avoid reflective wall coverings or finishes. Flat finishes work best
  5. Avoid mirrors
  6. Limit accessorizing.  Its distracting

And finally I recommend doing a dry run.  Skype a friend and review what your skype partner will see behind you with a critical eye.  You will be surprised what camera lens picks up!

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