7 Features of a Good Ergonomic Desk Chair

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

There is a lot of confusion out in the marketplace when it comes to purchasing a good ergonomic desk chair.  Some vendors will have you think it’s all about thick plush cushions while others tag a chair ergonomic if it has adjustable height. only.  Be wary of the the extra padding in the chair back when a salesperson refers to it as “lumbar support”In actuality “ergonomics” has to do with comfort, adjust-ability and mobility.  In my experience as an office designer and organizer,  there are 7 features of a good ergonomic desk chair.

1.   Adjustable Height Arms

This allows your elbows and forearms to be supported by the arm rests.  By properly aligning the elbow and therefore wrist on the keyboard, many repetitive wrist and hand injuries can be avoided.

2.   Adjustable Seat Height

Most desk chairs will have this one feature at least.  If it does not, consider this chair for very short time durations only.  Once again the relationship of the chair seat height and working surface with monitor are critical to avoid long term injuries.  If a chair is too high or low…neck, wrist and leg ailments are probable

3.   Casters

It’s common sense that a chair should be on casters for easy mobility but did you know that all casters are not created equally?   There are casters for hard surfaces such as wood and tile and different casters made for carpeting…make sure you have casters that are suitable for your flooring.  Generally speaking a hard floor requires a softer caster that creates more drag.  A carpeted floor requires a harder caster for less resistance.  Most desk chairs have standard casters appropriate for carpeted surfaces but quality manufacturers will offer others as options

4.   Sliding Seat

Quite often in mainstream stores you will not find this feature and yet most women specifically benefit from it.  Because women tend to have shorter legs, they end up leaning forward in their seats and when they do, their back goes unsupported.  The sliding seat, shortens the seat depth and thereby offers more support in the lumbar region..

5.  Swivel Tilt

This feature allows for repositioning of the body periodically.  Most injuries occur when long term improper positions are repeated.  The swivel tilt relieves back pressure and allows for more fluid mobility

6.  Lumbar Support

This one’s a no brainer BUT make sure the profile of shape of the back offers support where YOU require it.  Many chairs offer adjustable lumbar supports which is an added benefit especially for chairs with multiple users.

7.  Lightweight

Many people feel like the popular mesh backed chairs could not possibly offer good support,  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Plus this lightweight material allows for easier mobility.  Try moving along in a fully upholstered desk chair and you might feel like you are slogging through mud!

At Langton Home Offices, we are passionate about getting workers into desk chairs that work well and feel right.  A good ergonomic desk chair is not inexpensive and yet it does not have to break the bank.  Other features that are important especially in a home office setting are looks and durable fabrics that coordinate well with your office decor.  Let us know if we can help you find the right desk chair for your home and business office.

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