5 Tips for Eye-Popping Office Artwork

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

As an office designer I believe that every office space should display some type of wall art. BUT every WALL need not have wall art! This is definitely a case where “less is more”  Here are 5 tips for eye-popping office artwork that is sure to please.

Tip # 1… Make it Relevant

Avoid “generic art”  If you’ve sat in a doctor’s office or entered an ancient hotel lobby you know what I’m talking about.  The artwork hanging in your office is part of your marketing plan.  The images should positively reflect the nature of the business operation, just like any good quality brochure, video or business card.  Recently I worked with a client that was in the “valve business”  Luckily I was working with a team who was willing to experiment with black and white close up photographs of their products.  See below for the stunning results…textural and full of interest.  Let me remind you, we are still talking about valves!


 Tip #2 …Get Framed

…properly that is.  With an appropriate color mat and good quality frame.  Also consider the wall color when determining framing colors and finishes.   Yes custom framing is expensive, especially when providing frames for an entire office space but skimping on the framing is like buying a luxury car with a horrible paint finish.  It just doesn’t work.

Tip # 3…Proportions

Very often I hear …”we have a large wall and need a picture on it”…maybe…maybe not.  If you have a LARGE wall, then you need LARGE stuff to put on it.  One small picture does not a large wall fill!  Sometimes its better to just leave it alone.

Tip #4…Location…Location…Location

Consider the focal point of the space upon entry.  Consider how far from the artwork the viewer is seeing it.  Consider placement not interfering with heads leaning back when sitting.

Tip #5…Think out of the box

Art comes in all forms and need not be just “Fine Art”.  Art can be photographs, sculptural elements, textiles, even children’s artwork.  Here’s a link to a former blog describing unique ways to display children’s artwork.


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