5 Tips for a Successful Office Renovation

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

An office remodel or new work place design can be challenging but with experience and good advice, office renovations need not be a hair raising (or losing) process.  Here are 5 tips for a successful office remodel.


TIP #1:   Time is not your friend!

Once the project begins, it will move VERY quickly.  Electricians, Plumbers, Flooring contractors…well they want to do the job and move on…and get paid.  Furniture and equipment gets discontinued, prices go up, bank loans become due.  In short there is no good reason to allow an office renovation to drag on.


TIP #2:   Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

This may be one of the most common reasons for an office design project to get delayed.  Be prepared to make a lot of decisions in a timely manner.

TIP #3:   Think Ahead…

To save time and money, think about you and your employees need BEFORE any work is done.  Design afterthoughts are expensive and usually scream “afterthought”!  A centrally located coffee area for your employees will have a much more satisfactory outcome if it is considered early in the design process.

TIP#4:  Don’t double check…rather TRIPLE CHECK

Have you ever seen those outlet furniture stores chock full?  That’s because someone ordered the wrong unit by transposing a number or letter.  It is very common and can cause a whole pack of headaches when trying to meet a deadline on an office remodel project.

TIP #5:  Home colors and office colors are not necessarily  the same

There are many reasons…lighting, trim, natural light, scale just to name a few.  Test colors in the actual work environment.  Color is tricky.  Can be unforgiving.  And trust me…EVERYONE will have an opinion!


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