5 Signs of a Disorganized Office

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

Meticulously designed business cards, eloquent elevator speeches, and top notch business garb.  There are the things a business person may focus on so that the world hears loud and clear…”I AM SUCCESSFUL”.  Unfortunately all of that goes right down the drain once a client or customer steps into a workspace that is filled with clutter.  Here are 5 signs of a disorganized office…

1.   “Come in…sit down…let me clear that for you!”

If you are saying this regularly when you receive a visitor, organization may be an issue.  You are sending a clear message that meeting with others is not high on your list.  Not all offices have a conference table but at the very least there should be a clearly defined space where you and your customers/clients can “confer”.  It should include comfortable seating, a surface for documents and adequate lighting

2.  Your Inbox is overflowing…and it’s the size of a Volkswagen

An overflowing inbox says…”I am not getting around to things”  Evaluate what goes into it and more importantly allocate time on your calendar to deal with it.

3.   Empty drink containers and dirty dishes abound

Okay perhaps you should not be spending your valuable time cleaning but on the other hand you should avoid the “dorm room” decor in a professional office space if at all possible.

4.  Stacks, Stacks and more Stacks

If the stacks of paper in your office necessitate a blinking light on top to alert area aircraft you MIGHT be in an disorganized office.  Paper piles usually indicate one of two issues.  Perhaps there is not a suitable filing system or storage system set up.  This simply is a case of not knowing where to put stuff.  The other issue could be poor time prioritization…if it is important then make it a “To-Do”.  HOWEVER a “To-Do” without a time slot on a calendar is simply “Never Done”.

5.   Your office has no floor

Somewhere down there is carpet…you remember clearly seeing it when you moved in.  Now it is covered with stuff.  Stuff on the floor is either looking for a home OR it doesn’t deserve a home in your office.   If there is not suitable storage or filing with a clear simple process in place, things end up on the floor.  And remember, stuff only deserves a home in your office if you are willing to pay with the currency of YOUR SPACE, TIME or ENERGY.  So are you willing to pay the price?


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