3 Tips to Fight Clutter and Procrastination

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

There is no one that is exempt from the “Demons of Procrastination”  One area where procrastination seems to manifest itself and bear witness for all to see is the never ending clutter that constantly rejuvenates itself in our homes, offices and business.  After a while the endless procrastination makes for even bigger piles of clutter and the never ending circle continues.  Here are three tips to help you fight procrastination and begin to tackle the clutter in your home or business offices. The goal is to START and thus feel like you are making forward movement in the process.  Feeling good about yours accomplishments is half the battle!

1.  Select a Small Clutter Project to Start

Now is not the time to put forth great ambitions.  The last thing you want is to feel like you failed trying to conquer your clutter.  Begin with a small project.  Rather than attempting to clean out your entire desk; maybe start with sorting out and purging some of those pens that you’ve collected OR rather than attempting to sort through an entire file drawer; just start with one designated folder…it does’t even have to be a big one!  JUST START AND START SMALL!

2.  Make a Date With Yourself!

In fact even write the date in on your calendar.  Prepare yourself mentally that for a short time, clutter removal will be your task at hand.  Turn off your phone, maybe even announce to those around you that you will be unavailable for the next hour or so.  Remember…JUST START!

3.  Pick Your Most Productive Time

Chances are  you know better than anyone when you are at your best and firing on all cylinders.  For me, it is definitely the early morning but believe it or not there is actually a science that proves our brains actually function better at certain times of the day. Author John Medina of Brain Rules has compiled a list of 12 rules regarding our brain function based purely on fact and science.  One area  he refers to as the Nap Zone which occurs between 2pm and 4pm every day.  Suffice to say there is proven science to back up why you should never tackle aclutter control project at 3pm in the afternoon!