3 Time Management Tips from an Expert

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

This week I had the privilege of taking a Time Management class with Julie Morgenstern.  Julie is the “go to” gal for us professional organizers.  Her books are a must read in the industry.  She is author of…”Organizing from the Inside Out“, “Time Management from the Inside Out“, “Never Check Email in the Morning” and more.  Her concepts are straight forward and usable…which is why I was so delighted to be part of her class!

There were many nuggets of information in her class but here are 3 take aways that I would like to share…


Time Management is NOT about getting things done!  Its about creating systems that allow us to create days that are meaningful.


Time Management can be a hard concept to wrap one’s head around. However thinking of the work day as a “closet” can simplify the task.  Just as an organizer would batch similar “things” together in a closet for an efficient layout so would the time manager batch “tasks” together to create a more productive day.


A “DO” not connected to a “WHEN” does not get done!  This illustrates the importance of “To Do” or “Action Lists” that are directly tied to a calendar of some sort.



 “An Organized Lifestyle is NOT about Perfection…Its About living a Manageable Meaningful Life”