3 Organizing Tips for the Memory Challenged

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

I am speaking from experience on this one!  My view is that I have used up so many brain cells remembering kids’ activity schedules, work related topics and home improvement details over the years that I sometimes feel like I have little memory left.  So In the pursuit of saving memory for the fun things in life, I would like to share 3 organizing tips for the memory challenged…

 First…my definition of a Good Organizing System is one that is
 Gets the Job Done

If your memory saving technique in organizing  is not all of the above…ditch it or tweak it.  I love an organizing system that remembers for me!  Phyllis Zusman technology mentor of  The Coaches Guide says this is why she is such a fan of the digital organizing tool Evernote. Phyllis says, “It’s the memory I wish I had.

Here are some other simple ways to SAVE YOUR MEMORY…for the fun stuff!

TIP #1
MEMORY TESTER: Where is the Owners’ Manual?
Its daylight savings and the clock on microwave needs to be reset…now where did I put that darn Owner’s Manual?
Set up file folders for EVERY ROOM in the house, including “GARAGE” and “STORAGE”. When you get a new manual or warranty, simply drop it in the folder where the item is used or stored.  Easy filing…easy retrieval!

TIP #2

MEMORY TESTER: What color paint is the room I painted 6 years ago?
It’s time to touch up the yellow paint on the living room walls.  You have several “yellow” drip covered paint cans…which yellow is the correct color?
I love lists.  Lists are NOT a sign of WEAKNESS!  Create a “PAINT SCHEDULE” by listing rooms in your home and next to each room enter paint color, manufacturer, and sheen.  Now you can toss those yucky paint cans!

TIP #3

MEMORY TESTER: What does this key unlock? You know what I’m talking about…we all have those mystery keys.
Key tags are a wonderful thing but they only work when you use them and usually we don’t have them right when we need them.  The key (no pun intended) is to label the key ANYWAY you can while you still remember what it’s for.  Use tape, a gift tag or even a plastic bread tag…just label it and forget it!

Organizing successes can be small but mighty.  They are like a breath of fresh air…what can you do to save a little bit of that brain power for the fun stuff?

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