3 Office Organizing Tips to SPRING into Action

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

Are Business Cards overtaking you?  Is tracking your business mileage a sporadic event?  If you are looking to improve some ineffective work habits, Spring is a good time to review, renew and reboot! Here are 3 simple office organizing tips that just might make your office a bit more organized and ready to “spring” into action.


Have you just completed your taxes and said “this is the year I will be on top of my business mileage”?  There are many apps that you can download to that end.  I use Trip Log with good results because its inner GPS just keeps on tracking.  Come tax time, I simply print out a report.  Trick is you STILL have to remember to start it at the beginning of each trip!   For the more paper oriented trackers here is a link to Microsoft office mileage log template.    As an excel spread sheet it will do all the math for you!  There is something about being prepared at tax time that just puts a “spring” in my step


Do you have a stack of business cards growing bigger by the day?

First enter the information into whichever contact management system you use.  Hopefully you’ve been doing this on a regular basis.

Now the question is “what to do with all these cards”?  It’s too risky to toss them so here’s a simple way to organize them. First determine how you would search for this card if you needed to find it.  Would it be…?

  • according to the event or group where you met?
  • their profession?
  • their name? (alphabetized)
  • their company name? (alphabetized)

Next get a box of “SNACK ZIP LOCK” bags and index cards.  That’s right… not every solution to organizing needs to be high tech and those biz card binders are just too darn labor intensive for my liking!  I like dividing my cards according to WHERE or HOW I met the person…so into each bag I drop a labeled index card with the the “Where” such as “Chamber Event” and add the appropriate cards.  I also have an “Introduced by Others” bag for those as well.  Now alphabetize your bags and store in a remote shoe box.  EASY PEASY!


This may be tedious in the beginning but eventually it does reap benefits.  Is your email inbox inundated with junk mail?  Instead of automatically “deleting”, get in the habit of scrolling down to the bottom of the email and click on “unsubscribe”. Avoid getting that defeated feeling when seeing “102” emails pour into one’s Inbox.  Getting rid of unwanted junk mail helps ease this a tad.

NOW get outside and enjoy this Spring season when we can review, renew and reboot