3 Myths About Hanging Pictures or Artwork

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

Working as an interior designer for many years has exposed me to some interesting concepts that people have when it comes to hanging pictures, photographs or any type of artwork.  I think we can all agree that wall art of any kind can be the finishing touch in an interior space.  Truthfully, I believe there are NO LIMITATIONS as to what can be considered “art” and would only hope that it resonates somehow with the people who occupy the space. However I would like to debunk a few pesky notions about proper picture or artwork hanging that I continue to see in my travels…




It is possible to “fill” a large wall by placing 2 smaller pictures on it…STAGGERED

NOPE!  Still looks like a large wall with 2 small pictures on it that were hung by the Jolly Green Giant and his sidekick Dopey the Dwarf.  Sometimes hanging nothing at all is better than trying to fake that it fits and hoping no one will notice.



A picture must be hung at “eye level”

SOMETIMES…but remember that sometimes “eye level” is in the seated position OR sometimes those “eyes” could be lower than the average height…for example in regards to children and the elderly.  Of greater significance would be making sure the artwork PROPORTIONALLY FILLS the space and RELATES to the furniture or architectural components adjacent to it.  One of my favorite locations for artwork is located on a knee wall in an upstairs loft area of my house…with an “eye level” of only 28″ above the floor!



Pictures hung in a grouping should all have the same frame

Not necessarily!  Yes sometimes the desired “look” demands that all pictures fames match but not always.  Sometimes it is far more interesting to have different frames.  Allow each piece of artwork to have its own identity. Perhaps there are some unifying features such as texture, or color but in the end a grouping of varying compositions appear far more eye catching if they are not forced to comply with an unsuitable frame…so have fun and don’t be afraid to step out of the box (or frame)!


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