2012 Top Organizing Tools; Make Work Life Simpler

Published on: Author: Anne Langton

It’s that time of year when everyone is running the “top what have yous” of 2012.  I decided to get in on the action by publishing my top favorite 3 organizing products or tools that have made my work life much simpler.  Either I have used OR I have personally witnessed others using these products with great success.  So here goes…





This is a FREE APP that is used on an IPhone.  If you are collecting business cards faster than the speed of light (or perhaps the MA Turnpike speed limit) then you might want to consider this product to help make your work life simpler.  The wonderful thing about this top organizing tool of 2012 is it is so SIMPLE to use!  I guarantee it will save you time and frustration in your day to day work.

  •  With your IPhone, snap a picture of the business card
  • Send it off to be transcribed into a useable format.  Believe it or not, REAL HUMAN BEINGS are just waiting at the other end to convert your card.  No computers that might confuse information.  This is where it is helpful to have thinking humans that can actually interpret the meaning of characters on paper.  In fact CARDMUNCH actually claims they have a very low error rate because they use HUMANS.  How many other agencies can claim that! (this is where I resist the temptation to type specific examples…but I shall refrain).
  • Once the information is returned to you, if your settings are correct, the information can be added to your other contacts as well…VOILA…DONE…and all you had to do was snap a picture!  For more information about this great organizing tool, go to http://cardmunch.com/faq.html


This is also a FREE tool.  Ever try to schedule a meeting and there were so many emails flying back and forth that ultimately you don’t know where you stand?  This amazing office organizing product of 2012 makes organizing meetings (business or personal) a cinch.  To make your work life simpler, simply go to http://www.doodle.com/  and start by creating a poll (just another name for what dates and times are possible options) then send it out to all participants via email and then all you have to do is wait.  Everyone’s availability will be sent back to you in a format that just about SHOUTS when the meeting time will occur by showing when all can attend.  This fantastic organizing tool of 2012 requires no registration and is easy peasy to use.


Okay now here’s a confession.  I have not used this YET BUT it is on order because I have heard so many of my professional organizing buddies tout how wonderfully organized  and easy to use.  I ordered this top organizing product of 2012 because I recognized how my purse would be far more efficient if things had an assigned home rather than rolling around in the bottom of my bag.  However THAT is not the main reason I ordered it…I AM TIRED OF NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THINGS IN A BLACK LINED PURSE!  The purse perfector I ordered is lined in bright purple!  I’m expecting great things from this organizing product…I will let you know.  To order this product go to http://www.purseperfector.com/

I would love to hear what organizing tools or products have made your work life simpler.  Send me an email at anne@langtonhomeoffices.com  Oh and most importantly have a very happy and safe new year!

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